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Wind Energy, Science, Technology and Research (WindSTAR)

The University of Texas at Dallas

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Last Reviewed: 01/16/2020

WindSTAR will conduct research to support the wind industry using state-of-the-art capabilities and expertise, train students in advanced technologies, and foster a collaborative research community.

Center Mission and Rationale

The mission of WindSTAR is to bring together university and industry researchers to conduct basic and applied research on topics that relate to the advancement of wind turbines and the wind industry, combine state-of-the-art capabilities and knowledge to advance projects relevant and of mutual interest to industry partners, train students in the advanced technologies that are important to industry members, and foster a community for networking, interactions, and collaborations.

The Center will contribute to the nation’s research infrastructure base and enhance the intellectual capacity of the renewable energy workforce.  A diverse group of scientists, engineers, and practitioners will plan and execute a program of research and education focused on the design, operation, and maintenance of land-based and offshore wind energy systems for electricity production. The Center will be aimed at: (a) enhancing national excellence in wind energy research and development that has direct relevance to industry, and (b) developing a cadre of diverse undergraduate and graduate students with world-class training who will support and eventually lead in the analysis, design, manufacture, and successful operation of wind energy systems.

Research program

Wind Energy

The cooperative program of research and education of the Center will focus on the following areas:

  1. Composites and Blade Manufacturing - next generation materials, designs, and methods for turbine systems
  2. Foundations and Towers - higher towers, modeling and cost optimization, improved ground/soil assessments
  3. Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Inspection, & Testing - testing, monitoring, damage detection and prognosis, and maintenance throughout the lifecycle
  4. Wind Farm Modeling and Measurement Campaign - simulation capability for power production, power fluctuations, and loads; LiDAR experimental campaigns for wind farm performance diagnostic and model validation; wind resource characterization
  5. Control Systems for Turbines and Farms - optimization of energy capture and load mitigation in wind turbines and farms; wind farm controls for wake management
  6. Energy Storage and Grid Integration - storage systems towards more reliable, efficient, dispatchable and grid-friendly wind energy systems

The research is of interest to industry, government, and university partners. The Center will support industrial members from a variety of sectors of the wind energy industry.  These include: (1) wind turbine manufacturers, (2) manufacturers of key components of wind turbines and wind energy systems (e.g. gearboxes, control systems, energy storage, towers, foundations, offshore platforms), (3) suppliers of specialized ancillary equipment and consultants (e.g. meteorology, anemometry, radar systems, non-destructive inspection, structural health monitoring), (4) services (e.g. software developers and modelers, resource assessment), (5) wind project developers and associated industries (e.g. marine contractors, wind farms/power producers). 

Facilities and Laboratory

Structural Dynamics and Acoustics Systems Laboratory (UML)

Advanced Composites Materials and Textile Research Laboratory (UML)

Control Systems Laboratory (UTD)

Test Bed for Dynamic Visualization of Wind Farms (UTD)

Boundary Layer and Subsonic Wind Tunnel - BLAST (UTD)

Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Laboratory (UTD)

Scanning Doppler LiDAR Mobile Research Facility (UTD)

Security Analysis and Information Assurance Lab (UTD)

Thermal Analysis Laboratory (UML)

Materials Characterization Laboratory (UML)

Processing Laboratories (UML)

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories (UML)

Laboratory of Optics (UML)

High Performance Computing:

  - Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (UML)

  - (UTD)

  - (UTD)



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