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Power Management Integration Center (PMIC)

PMIC at The Thayer School of Engineering

Last Reviewed: 10/03/2019

Center Mission and Rationale

The Center targets innovations in power electronics that support higher efficiency, smaller size, and reduced cost. Considerations are made for system reliability, robustness, and performance in a diverse range of industry sectors and applications spanning consumer, industrial, and automotive electronics.  

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Research program

*Mandatory Field* Innovations in power electronics

Research collaborations focus on areas identified by corporate members as relevant to industry needs including:

  • New circuit topologies, power management integrated circuits (ICs), and discrete power converters that can achieve high power density and high efficiency;
  • Next generation passive components including inductors, transformers, and resonant structures that can operate efficiently at high frequency while reducing size and materials cost;
  • Integrated passive components for high-density power management that leverage available semiconductor foundry process capabilities and next-generation magnetic materials;
  • System design, optimization, and control for a variety of converter architectures that leverage small passive components to operate at high frequency or in resonant modes.
  • Aspects of reliability and robustness in power electronic circuits including design in high temperature, harsh environments and electromagnetic interference.

R&D efforts span multiple levels in the power electronics space to support a variety of industry-sponsored projects and train the next generation of engineers in critical areas. In particular, the Center explores new circuit architectures and design techniques that leverage high-level integration to expand the boundaries of efficiency and power density.

PMIC emphasizes passive component innovation and integration, magnetic materials and component design, and new high-density resonant structures for power delivery. At the system-level, new control techniques, novel circuit operation, and integration strategies are explored that can improve performance and robustness while reducing size and cost.

Special Activities

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PMIC at The Thayer School of Engineering

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