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Center for Research in Storage Systems (CRSS)

University of California, Santa Cruz

Last Reviewed: 05/15/2019

Center Mission and Rationale

The Center for Research in Storage Systems (CRSS) is a partnership between academia and industry to explore and develop new technologies and techniques to improve the manageability, scalability, security, reliability, longevity, and performance of storage systems. CRSS researchers conduct high-quality, industrially-relevant fundamental research, often in collaboration with CRSS industrial members. CRSS also facilitates collaboration in research and education, and provides pathways to simplify direct transfer of university developed ideas, research results, and technology to its industrial sponsors, helping them to improve their competitive posture in the global marketplace. CRSS also focuses on providing talented graduate and undergraduate students the technical background and industry interaction they will use as they go on to become the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Facilities and Laboratory

CRSS is based at the University of California, Santa Cruz, about 30 miles south of Silicon Valley. The Center has a wide array of computing facilities and over a petabyte of storage for experimental use. In addition, the Center has multiple systems featuring flash storage and several systems with Optane byte-addressable non-volatile memory, all for use in experimental file and storage system design. Center researchers collaborate with sponsors, who often provide their facilities for use in collaborative research with CRSS.


University of California, Santa Cruz

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