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Center for Biophotonic Sensors and Systems (CBSS)

Boston University

University of California at Davis

Last Reviewed: 12/01/2017

CBSS addresses challenging needs related to understanding disease mechanisms, diagnosing disease and enabling therapies where photonics technologies provide the solutions..

Center Mission and Rationale

  • To create a national center of excellence for biosensor research with photonics as the enabling technology.
  • To cultivate embryonic applications for biosensors.
  • To advance biophotonic sensor technology, providing significant commercial benefits for disease diagnosis, patient monitoring, drug efficacy testing, and food and water safety.
  • To develop effective methods for technology translation, accelerating innovative research to commercial benefit.
  • To increase the quantity, quality and diversity of professionals prepared to work in this field.
  • To involve the full technology and supply value chain in a common focus of solving critical unmet needs in the healthcare sector using biophotonic sensing solutions.

Research program

Biophotonic Sensor Research

CBSS will be technology focused at the intersection of photonics and life sciences where the power and potential of photonic interactions will be utilized to address industry defined requirements in areas such as:  disease diagnosis, drug efficacy testing, patient drug effectiveness monitoring and food & water safety.  Photonics research will focus in areas such as:

  • Biospectroscopy tools
  • Microscopy tools
  • Adaptively compensated bio-imaging
  • Molecular diagnostic tools (utilizing spectral techniques and photonic materials)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Live-cell imaging
  • Endoscopy tools
  • Tools for real time pathologies


Boston University

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University of California at Davis

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