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Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings (ATOMIC)

Penn State University

Rice University

Last Reviewed: 12/20/2019

Led by Penn State, in collaboration with Rice University in Houston, the Industry/University Collaborative Research Center (I/UCRC) will design and develop advanced two-dimensional coatings engineered to solve fundamental scientific and technological challenges that include: corrosion, oxidation and abrasion, friction and wear, energy storage and harvesting, and the large-scale synthesis and deposition of novel multifunctional coatings

Center Mission and Rationale

The Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings (ATOMIC) is devoted to the design and development of advanced coatings based on two-dimensional (2D) layered materials, and synergistically integrates world-leading faculty, researchers, students and staff from the Pennsylvania State University and Rice University with industry and national labs.

Research program

Atomically Thin Materials

Atomically thin layers, commonly known as 2-dimensional materials, exhibit highly tunable mechanical, electronic, and optical properties, which can be engineered to solve fundamental scientific and technological challenges - and can be combined to serve multiple functions. Some examples are: graphene, h-BN, and transition metal dichalcogenides.

Research Thrust Areas:

  • Protective Coatings
  • Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Electronics and Sensing
  • Other Applications

Facilities and Laboratory

MRI Panorama

The Penn State Site is located in the Millennium Science Complex (MSC).

  • 9,500 sq. ft. nano-clean room for nanofabrication
  • >75 tools for characterization of 2D coatings
  • 2-Dimensional Materials Laboratory dedicated to the synthesis of large scale 2D materials

Rice Univ_cox building v02

The Rice Site is located in the Cox building of the Materials Science and Nano Engineering Department.

  • a number of advanced instruments for synthesis and characterization of low dimensional materials
  • >100 additional instruments available for ATOMIC through the Rice Shared Equipment Authority (SEA)



Penn State University

104 Davey Lab
Penn State University - Department of Physics

University Park, Pennsylvania, 16802

United States


Rice University

6100 MAIN ST
Rice University

Houston, Texas, 77005

United States