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Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies (CAPPS)

Ohio State University

North Carolina State University

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The mission of CAPPS is to conduct industrially relevant, cooperative, world class research to develop advanced technologies and novel solutions for processing and packaging food and beverage products.

Center Mission and Rationale


The mission of CAPPS is to conduct industrially relevant, cooperative, world class research to develop advanced technologies and novel solutions for processing and packaging food and beverage products.

We aim to:

·         Enhance safety, quality and nutritional properties food products processed using new and novel technologies

·         Characterize emerging, aseptic and extended shelf-life processes

·         Assure the integrity and functionality of food packaging.  The major objectives of the Center are:

1)       To enhance the knowledge base in developing new and novel emerging food processing/packaging technologies.

2)       To conduct research to ensure the safety of implementing non-thermal and novel processing technologies within the U.S.

3)       To address industrially relevant food processing and packaging problems facing the induesty; and

4)       To train university students, staff and other personnel with the necessary knowledge base and technical skills to meet the future new technology based needs of the U.S. food processing/packaging work force in industry, academia and government.


Combining the expertise of faculty with exceptional facilities at OSU and NCSU, will create a program focus in food processing and packaging unmatched by any institution. Particular technologies to be emphasized in the Center include continuous flow particulate processing, aseptic processing, microwave processing, ohmic heating, high pressure processing, and pulsed electric field processing. Scientifically and with NSF and industry support, we anticipate that the collaborative efforts among faculty within the Center will result in advances well beyond what individual laboratories or a single institution could achieve. Participation by industry will require that fundamental advances in food processing and packaging be translated to in-house industry research or possess potential commercial applications. Thus, the research focus of the Center will be industry relevant and require both fundamental studies with the potential for broad technological applications in the food industry sector.

Research program

Food Processing Technologies

The center is engaged in research activities related to novel food processing technologies, food safety, food packaging, and functional properties of foods. Some of the abbreviated titles of recent projects are: Detection of foodborne pathogens via nanofibrous membranes

  • Enhancing lethality of thermal and pressure-temperature processed spores suspended in low-acid food matrices using natural antimicrobial compounds.
  • High temperature interfacial properties in food systems
  • Properties of dehydrated fruits and vegetables puree/juice with an innovative dehydration system: Solid-liquid separator (SLS)
  • Enhanced antioxidant properties of interface and reduced mobility of encapsulated lipid carriers to limit oxidation of encapsulated products in emulsions and particles
  • Evaluating release of flavors and bioactives from nanoparticles and emulsions

Special Activities

Spring 2015 Meeting

UC Davis

April 29th - 30th, 2015


April 29th, 2015

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Walter A. Buehler Alumni and Visitor Center

Alumni Lane (no street address), Davis, CA 95616

Map link:

(6 p.m. - Networking dinner - Season's Restaurant)



April 30th, 2015 - IAB ONLY

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Robert Mondavi Institute/Food Science & Technology

Room 1207, first floor of RMI South Building

374 Old Davis Road, Davis, CA 95616

Map link:

(6 p.m. IAB Dinner - location TBA)




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