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IUCRC Breakthroughs

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Title Center Description Date
Smart Building Optimization Systems Advanced Knowledge Enablement

The ongoing development of smart buildings has recently gained in importance at Florida... more

Modeling Ebola Spread Using Big Data Analytics Advanced Knowledge Enablement

A model of Ebola spread was developed using innovative big data analytics techniques and... more

Driver's Drowsiness Detection System Advanced Knowledge Enablement

In this project, CAKE researchers at Florida Atlantic University developed a driver... more

Forest Plantation Productivity Determination: A Process-Based Modeling Center for Advanced Forestry Systems

The process model Physiological Processes Predicting Growth (3-PG) was used to determine... more

Remote Sensing for Diagnosing Nutritional Status of Forest Plantations Center for Advanced Forestry Systems

Over the years, on-site computations of Leaf Area Index (LAI) have been demonstrated to be... more

Integrated Microfluidic Device for Isolation & Enrichment of Rare Cells Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics

High fidelity sorting, isolation, and concentration of target cells is a critical step in... more

Ultrasonic Sensors for Consumer Electronics: MEMS Extension

Research at the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC) has developed technology to make... more

Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor

Chemicals are all around us all. Sometimes they are toxic to our health.