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IUCRC Breakthroughs

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Title Center Description Date
Smartphone Platform for Determining Prescription Drug Authenticity Center for Innovative Instrumentation Technology

Twenty-five percent (25%) of drugs distributed in Africa are counterfeit.

CHREC Space Processor (CSP) NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing

For over a half century the U.S.

Outcome-Driven Treatment Delivery & Personalized Medicine Center for Health Organization Transformation

CHOT researchers focused on an evidence-based approach to treatment delivery.

Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) Study Center for Health Organization Transformation

This work of researchers at Texas A & M’s Center for Healthcare Organization... more

Achieving Enhanced Patient Wellness Outcomes through Gamification Center for Health Organization Transformation

The term "gamification" is an emerging paradigm that aims to employ game mechanics and game... more

Quantum Learning - Machine Learning using D-Wave’s Quantum Computer Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research

In support of D-Wave Systems, a CHMPR member, and sponsored by a NASA grant to explore the... more

Distributed Run-Time Management for a Multi-Agent System Center for Embedded Systems

In today’s automotive environments, embedded electronic control units (ECU) are customized... more

Advanced Water Treatment for Hydraulic Fracking Water

One of the energy sources widely available in the United States is natural gas.

Recyclable Thermoplastic Rubber: A Boon for Tires and Healthcare Center for Tire Research

This project addresses important technology gap(s) as it translates from research discovery... more

Fixture De-embedding for High-Speed Interconnect Characterization

Modern computer systems use high speed differential serial links as input/output (I/O)... more