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IUCRC Breakthroughs

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Title Center Description Date
Design Analytics Systems Center for e-Design

The Customer Service Life Cycle (CSLC) system describes services that a medical device user... more

Coordinated Operating Room Network: A Path Toward an Artificial Intelligence System

Time in the operating room (OR) is one of the most significant budget items in modern... more

Forecasting Influenza Occurrence to Improve ED Operations Center for Visual and Decision Informatics

Given how the virus strain changes every year and related environmental factors seasonal... more

MapReduce-Based Spatio-Temporal Hotspots Detection and Prediction Center for Visual and Decision Informatics

Analysis of hotspots, referred to as spatial/temporal concentrations of abnormal activity,... more

Thin Heat Pipes for Low Power Applications Cooling Technologies Research Center

Heat pipes are an industry-proven technology that offers potential orders-of-magnitude heat... more

Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Systems for Power Electronics Cooling Technologies Research Center

In microelectronic systems, referred to as integrated circuits (ICs) or computer chips, are... more

Development of a Valuable New Enzyme, Amine Dehydrogenase Center for Pharmaceutical Development

First and foremost, pharmaceuticals have to be efficacious, or in other words, they need to... more

Magnesium Stearate: Relating Physicochemical Properties to Functional Properties Such as Dissolution Center for Pharmaceutical Development

Researchers at the Center for Pharmaceutical Development (CPD) have been performing... more

Targeted Removal of Stains by Cleaning Products Center for Particulate and Surfactant Systems

Surfactants, builders, binders, bleaching agents, and enzymes are different classes of... more

Rapid Recognition of Faces from Video Center for Identification Technology Research

Recently the need for rapid recognition of faces in video has become increasingly important... more